And So It Begins {The Moderate Wife}

First blog post! I am so excited to be writing here. I have been thinking and praying over whether or not I was going to begin writing on my own piece of cyberspace for almost two months. Last year I had a photography blog, but at the end of the day I felt that that was too limiting since photography is only one small piece of my life. So, instead, this new little blog will have it all! Family updates, essays, photography, resource reviews, favorite recipes, and whatever else pops into this scatterbrain of mine! My hope is that anyone who comes across what I write will come away encouraged to seek an authentic life in Christ with all the pleasures that come from knowing Him. 
I am calling this blog “The Moderate Wife” because that is who I am striving to become. Balanced, simple, and temperate. Someone who seeks to do every good thing in moderation. Almost daily my husband lovingly teases me for being his all or nothing girl. I am a zero or sixty, black and white kind of gal by nature. I am an extreme dieter/exerciseholic (usually for two weeks at a time) or a couch potato pizza lover (usually for two months at a time). I’m either binge-listening to worship music, sermons and podcasts or its Tay Tay Swifty all. day. long.  Until very recently, my home cleaning “system” was to wait until it became a national disaster, go crazy doing emergency cleaning for a couple days until it looked picture perfect, and then rinse and repeat. As you can see, I have some growing to do. I am 100% in-process and thankful that God isn’t finished with me yet! He has had me on an refreshing journey during the past couple months as He, through numerous sources, has been teaching me the benefits of simplicity, faithfulness in the small tasks, and seeking to be orderly so that I can be fully present wherever I am. I invite you to come along for a bumpy ride as I seek…
to enjoy the abundant blessings in this beautiful world we live in without idolizing them.
to have self-control and discipline in my God-given tasks without missing out on godly pleasures in the process.
to know when to sit still and soak in and when to run hard and pursue goals.
In Love and Grace,