12/27/15-01/02/16 {The Moderate Wife}

This week was full of pajamas, take-out, movies, and cuddles! After a jam-packed semester and with another one on the horizon, we were so grateful to have seven days of sweet nothing. Not surprisingly, it flew by, but we came away filled up and ready to greet the New Year with renewed vigor! Here is a little peak into our weak via my iPhone cam 😉


Every night, Patrick and I sneak into Emery’s room long after she has fallen asleep, and this is the sight we see. Without fail, one of us looks at the other and says, “I love her!!” and the other replies, “Me too!!” And then we walk away, hearts exploding, high on love for our little family ❤ This is just one of the million little memories I never want to forget…


I got a Chromebook for Christmas from Patrick’s mom and step-dad. Yah, they’re amazing like that! I hung twinkly lights in our bedroom, and now working on my computer as I sit in our cozy bedroom is one of my new favorite past-times. 


We spent this day in our bedroom all. day. long. We cuddled, watched movies, played toys… and I took time to pray, reflect, write, and anticipate all that I am hoping 2016 has for this little family called ours. The thing that I came away most excited about was recognizing the reality that irregardless of what goes as I “hope” and what doesn’t, our amazing God is in control of it all! While it is fun to dream about things I would like to happen, its amazing to know that it is 100% guaranteed that HIS best for us WILL happen.

Thursday – New Year’s Eve

We spent New Year’s Eve at Candice and Travis’s house. Travis made a great spread of tasty eats, so we all enjoyed his super yummy nachos and watched college ball. It was a totally low-key evening, which was exactly what we wanted. 

Thank you, Facebook, for some timely New Years inspiration 😉

My Panda Bear, Ai-Lin!

Grandma snuggles ❤

My view for the evening

We wrapped up the fun around 9 (yah… #parentlife). When we got back home we invited my dad over to watch a movie, but even that was over by 11:30. Patrick and I ushered in the New Year, just the two of us cuddled up on the couch, with a kiss at midnight as we watched the ball drop on TV. Not a bad way to welcome 2016… not bad at all.


Selfie’s in our cave 😉

Jan 1 — 1/366

“My humble gear as I embark on a ‘photo a day’ challenge for 2016. I am hoping that by trying to find something worth photographing each day day I will be challenged to see beauty in places I would’ve missed otherwise.”

– Project 366 – 

For this year I will be taking and posting at least one picture on Instagram every day. This was the first in that series.


All ready to go grocery shopping!

 That Christmas ornament was broken just minutes later… sorry, Grandma!

I could’t take my eyes off of this precious face as we snuggled up for a family nap!

In my opinion, chubby, dimpled, baby hands are one of the most precious sights on the planet.

Jan 2 – 2/366

“I took better quality pictures earlier in the day, but this iPhone pic was still the one I chose for ‘photo of the day’ because watching these two rest together was by far the sweetest moment for me. These are the kind of memories I want to hold onto forever: watching my sweet baby girl in a deep sleep, her chubby hands folded, her lip quivering every now and then. Perfectly safe between her daddy and me. Myself, behind the photograph, wanting to sleep but unable to drift off because I have this most perfect picture before me that is drawing me in and begging me to stare a little longer. So thankful for this week of rest sandwiched between busy seasons.”